Types of International Moving Services

Door to Door Moving:

This service includes: Loading & Unloading, Customs clearance, inland trucking at Origin and Inland Trucking at Destination. Ocean Freight, customs clearance, Unpacking your cargo at destination and removal of debris.

Door to Port Moving:

This Service includes Self load or full loading, inland trucking, ocean freight limited to the port of your destination. Customs clearance and port fees are not included but can be with an additional cost.

Port to Port:

This service includes dropping your belongings at the terminal of your choice, packing your own cargo and creating an inventory list. Ocean freight is included to the port of your choice and you are responsible to pick up your cargo at destination. Customs clearance and port fees are not included in this type of service.

Port to Door Moving:

This Service includes Ocean freight from the terminal you drop your belongings, where you will be responsible to pack your own cargo and create an inventory list of the items you are shipping. Inland transportation at destination, customs clearance, Offloading your cargo unpacking and removal of debris.