Is all-risks marine insurance really important?

The overwhelming majority of our shipments arrive at their destination without a scratch. However, accidents can and do happen, and we are well aware of the effects, both personal and material, that such loss or damage can involve for those who are relocating.

All Risk Marine Insurance keeps you covered in the event of any loss or damage. Your prized possessions are insured from the moment our agent arrives at your residence, right through to the delivery at your final destination.

With all-risks marine insurance:

  • Depending on the level of insurance selected, your possessions will be fully covered in the event of loss or damage to all or part of your shipment.
  • Your goods will be covered against theft, loss, damage, fire, sinking of the transportation vessel etc.
  • Your claims will be settled up to your insured value by the insurance company.
  • Your settlements will be transferred via check, wire transfer or directly to your bank — whichever method is most convenient for you (depending on circumstances).
  • Deductibles may apply depending on the premium.