What Should Be Included In an International Move

Moving guide:

nternational relocation needs of families and individuals are growing as corporations throughout the world continually expand their operations to foreign locations. International moves are common and nowadays are very easy to plan. The care provided by Legend International Transport when moving your household possessions can reduce one of your biggest worries at this exciting time.

Use the helpful information here to make your move easier.

The Moving Date

Keep this in mind when choosing THE Moving Date:

  • The first or last few days of the month tend to be the busiest moving times — avoid them.
  • Your destination country’s holiday schedule might result in unnecessary delays so check the calendar before setting The Moving Date.

Professional Packing for International Moves

Our agent’s professionally trained packers wraps and packs your personal possessions in cartons and shipping crates to protect them from damage. Whether your household or office is shipped in a lift-van, a steamship container or an air container will be determined by the size of the shipment and its destination.

A lift-van ranges in size from 185 to 210 cubic feet. This wooden or plywood container with skids is normally loaded using a forklift. A lift-van is lined with 2.water-resistant paper and caulked to prevent leakage. Steamship companies supply containers. Air containers range in size from five- to 100-cubic feet. Small shipments are packed in containers of triple-layer corrugated cardboard; larger shipments by air are normally crated instead of boxed.

Means of Transport

Motor freight carrier, railroad, steamship line, or airline will be used to ship your household goods. Your packed and loaded shipment will be transported to the 2.port of exit by truck or rail. There the container(s) will be loaded into a vessel or into an aircraft.

The Cost of Moving

After making a thorough survey of your entire home, a Legend International Transport Representative will determine shipping costs. The Representative must see everything to be moved, including any items in the garage, basement or attic. This moving quote estimate you receive will detail the charges for packing and transporting your household goods. But normally Extra pickups or deliveries, servicing of electrical appliances or additional insurance in case any item is lost or damaged in transit will not be considered in the estimate. Only one invoice will be received regardless of how your shipment is transported. You (or your employer, if you are being transferred) will be given it.

Signing an Order for Service

You will sign an Order for Service agreement at the time your goods are loaded and again at delivery. An Order for Service contains all charges for services performed, in addition to terms and conditions under which your goods are moved.

Insuring Your Move

It is on the Order For Service that you will choose the level of carrier liability in terms of dollars and cents per pound for your shipped goods, per item/package.

Planning Your Move

Before The Move

  • The Initial consultation : A Legend International Transport representative will provide and initial telephone consultation and will gladly give you advise and guidance, as well as an estimate 3.of moving costs and ways in which you can minimize those costs.
  • Our representative may come to your home at your convenience to provide you with a free estimate without any obligation on your part.

Moving tips before the actual move

  • Please keep in mind that summer is “peak” of the moving season. If you can be flexible about when you move, don’t wait until the summer. Also keep in mind that the first and last weeks of the month are extra-busy for all movers.
  • Eliminate everything you do not want to ship
  • Specify the exact date you want to move.
  • If you plan to do packing yourself, start collecting suitable containers and packing materials. Have all packing complete by moving day.
  • Prepare a packing list of all items you plan to have moved unless movers will issue one during the actual packing service.
  • Collect all necessary documents make copies of each one and put originals in a safe place.
  •  If you are being relocated at your company’s request, find out what portion of all your moving costs will be reimbursed by your company. If your company has any written moving policy, ask for a copy.
  • Determine “replacement value” for insurance purposes.
  • Do not wax or oil wood furniture before moving; some products may soften the wood, making it vulnerable to imprinting from furniture pads
  • Unplug all electronic equipment such as television sets, home computers, stereos, and etc. 24 hours in advance of a move. Moving any electronic equipment in which heat is still retained may cause internal damage, which is not covered by any insurance policies.
  •  Empty and defrost your refrigerator and freezer and let them air at least 24 hours. Placing an open box of baking soda inside your refrigerator will help to absorb moisture during moving.
  • Dispose of all flammables such as cleaning fluids, aerosol cans, fireworks and matches. Drain the fuel from your power mower and other machinery. Discard partly used containers of any substance that may leak. Empty the water from your steam iron.

Preliminary packing

  • Prior to the moving day you will be involved in preliminary packing (mostly unbreakable belongings such as linens, books, pots, toys, etc.) into carton that may supply on request.
  • Finish packing your personal belongings.
  • No not have your phone disconnected until after loading day. It is very important for us to be able to contact you.

Moving day

  •  On moving day our professional team of packers will arrive at your residence with specially designed cartons, padded materials and, if necessary, custom-built crates to safely pack your furniture. Remain on premises until loading is completed to insure that nothing gets left behind. Read the inventory form carefully and feel free to ask movers on any questions you may have. Get copies of any papers you sign.
  • If you packed your goods by yourself, please make sure all pieces are labeled. Point out to our crew all boxes in which you have packed fragile items, especially if those items are valuable. Our movers will advise you on whether those items of a high value need to be repacked in sturdier more appropriate boxes.
  • On your request we may offer you a heavy-duty “lift-vans” which are custom made boxes designed to the size specifications of your shipment. These boxes will resist all handling included in rout to your new destination.