CA to Costa Rica, July 2011

Legend International Transport

I recently visited the United States and returned to Costa Rica where I have lived for 42 years using Legend International Transport for my shipping.  Not really having too much, nor too expensive an assortment of valuables, my things and those of my mother’s were given just as much care and attention as larger, more important ones!

I was impressed with the personal agent, Izzy Lerner, who inspired confidence, friendship, and experience.  He was “dead on” with his calculations on the time of arrival.  Also, charges were very reasonable.  My things arrived without any problem and the only extra payments were, as the contract stated, for transportation and customs duty in Costa Rica.  I was very pleased with my choice and would recommend Legend International Transport to anyone who needs a good, honest, reliable moving company.

So grateful to Legend International Transport and to be home with all my “stuff”,

M. Downey, San Ramon de Tres Rios, Costa Rica

Ojai, CA to Mexico

Hi Adam!
I thought you would be interested to know that my shipment arrived on Saturday in San Miguel de Allende!!    (Said it would be 12 noon but did not get there until 7pm but that is par for the course in Mexico!! Many thanks for all your help!!   I happen to be back in England (arrived an hour ago!) but will return to Mexico next week!
I just wanted to thank you and the whole team at for collecting and packing everything and getting it there safely for me!! It arrived two days early in Vera Cruz!
Kind regards, Jose P.

Brentwood, CA to Melbourne, Australia

Hi From Emma & Carl Layton In Australia Just a note to say thank you for your assistance with transporting our personnel effects from the California to Australia. Our cargo was delivered to our home on 3rd November 2006.We were extremely impressed with the packing of our items. Everything has got to us in one piece exactly as we packed it. Nothing broken or damaged which has really surprised us. It has taken only 51 days from your collection to our delivery. That is fantastic. We thank you again for your expert packing and speed in delivery.
Emma & Carl L.

Las Vegas, NV to Sydney, Australia

Thanks very much for your help and the help of your team regarding the shipping of my personal effects. Your team was very professional and the goods arrived in perfect condition.  I was very impressed with the price, quality and speed of your service. We are now fully migrated in Australia, having just picked up my stuff this morning, received our permanent residency at lunchtime and bought a house in the evening.  What a great day!
Kind Regards, A. Edmunds

Arizona to Cape Town, South Africa

Dear Adam Just to say that my items arrived on Saturday in excellent condition.
The packing was amazing and I would like to thank you and your company for a great job.
Regards, S MacDonald

Santa Monica, CA to Melbourne, Australia

Just a quick note to let you know that the container arrived safely and all is well.
Thanks for your help.
Regards, G. Brown

Hollywood, CA to Spain

Legend International Transport…Thanks for the excellent service – has been an absolute pleasure dealing with you — personable, professional and efficient !!

Sherman oaks, CA to Australia

Dear Adam,
Just to let you know that all our goods arrived safely.
There seemed to be a lot of inefficiency this end (no surprises, Australia all over!!!), but I would like to thank you and Steve for all your attention and your help in fixing things up.
Regards, I. Sutton

London, UK to Auckland, New Zealand

Dear izzy,
I would like to thank you on your swift and accurate arrangements for shipping our goods to New Zealand. My partner has made comment that your collection service and indeed follow through was performed in a professional way; good service of any kind is certainly an exception these days. I will have no hesitation in recommending you company to prospective clients in the future.
Yours sincerely, I. Matthews