4 Weeks Before You Move

  • Discard, sell, or give away all unwanted items.
  • Notify Post Office for redirection of mail and send out change of address notices.
  • Obtain medical and dental records.
  • Ensure birth and marriage records are complete.
  • Get school records.
  • Notify insurance company and cancel or transfer all policies (life, house, car).
  • Notify bank and credit card companies and arrange transfer or closure of accounts.
  • Advise electoral office, I.R.D., local municipal authority, government departments (if any family allowances are paid), solicitor, church, local clubs.
  • Cancel or transfer subscriptions for publications.
  • ¬†If moving overseas, ensure passports, visas, travel bookings and accommodation are finalized.

2 Weeks Before You Move

  • Confirm actual packing and moving dates with Legend¬†International Transport.
  • Arrange for cancellation of gas, electricity and phone service.
  • Dispose of all paints and flammables (we cannot move or store such items).

Just Before You Move

  • Cancel all delivery services (milk, bread, newspaper, fuel).
  • Clean out medicine cabinet and dispose of unwanted drugs etc.
  • Empty fuel from mowers etc.
  • Remove food from fridge and defrost (at least 24 hours before moving).
  • Collect any laundry or dry cleaning.
  • Arrange for simple breakfast on moving day – use disposable utensils.
  • Disconnect electrical appliances.
  • Remove all pictures, mirrors, curtains, light shades.

On Moving Day

  • Be on hand or have an authorized person there to answer questions and to have a last look around to ensure nothing has been overlooked.
  • Sign inventory with packer and retain your copy in a safe place.
  • Ensure all travel documents etc. are set aside for taking with you (don’t forget books and games for the children).
  • Unplug phone if owned